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Cherry Cultivars


Erdi Jubileum cv

Jubileum® is an excellent choice for retail and U-pick sales. Very large, firm, tart/sweet fruit with high quality, dark purple flesh and juice. Jubileum® ripens 10 days before Montmorency and 5 days before Danube. Jubileum is self-fertile.

Jubileum® will hang on the tree for up to 2 weeks with no loss of quality, it just gets sweeter. It’s a great way to start your tart cherry season!

Jubileum picks with a dry stem scar and will sit at room temperature for several days with no loss of quality. It’s great for eating out of hand, pies, dried cherries, wine and jam. With its dark juice and high Anthocyanin content, Jubileum® can also be marketed for pain management.

Jubileum was introduced by Dr. Amy Iezzoni of Michigan State Univer-sity. It was tested at ‘Erdi Jubileum’ and is licensed to 10 nurseries in the United States.