International Plant Management

Variety Management for the Horticulture Industry

IPM is a 35-year-old corporation with extensive worldwide contacts and recognition. Our mission is to test, protect, introduce and market new fruit selections. At this time International Plant Management has more than 140 new selections under test. The Fruit Acre Stellar Series and Buckeye Gala, Linda Mac, RubyMac, Blondee, Kumeu Crimson Braeburn, Jubileum Cherry, Danube cherry and Chrisolyn Jonathan have been released in the US and several foreign countries and new selections will be introduced to the industry this year. Releases from the Cornell Stone Fruit Breeding Program include BlackPearl, RadiancePearl, EbonyPearl, BurgundyPearl, BlackGold, WhiteGold, BlushingGold and BlackYork sweet cherries.

Wallace Heuser is the president and founder of International Plant Management and is past president and founder of both Hilltop Orchards & Nurseries and Hilltop International. During his tenure with these organizations, he has introduced and marketed more than 60 new cultivars. Many of these new introductions such as Redchief Red Delicious and Smoothee Golden Delicious have become the most widely planted cultivars of their type in the world. He is recognized as one of the world's leading horticulturists and has one of the best systems of national and international contacts in existence today.

Wanda Heuser Gale handles variety protection and marketing and has written more than 35 plant patents. She manages the variety test plots and virus indexed scionwood collection. Wanda also oversees variety evaluation and introduction. Her multi-generational exposure to the industry gives her a unique viewpoint in variety management.

International Plant Management is in a unique position to handle the testing, evaluation, release and marketing of new varieties. We have no ownership or management responsibilities with any nursery thus we have no vested interest in the production of your new varieties. Instead, we work closely with important fruit tree nurseries worldwide and are able to select the appropriate licensees to give new selections optimum exposure and availability.

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Our proven track record shows that we can give your new variety the testing, protection and marketing it needs to be a winner in the industry. International Plant Management can provide the professional handling your new variety needs to be successful.