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Apple Cultivars


USPP 19,007

Blondee® is a new variety that ripens just before Gala and has several exceptional qualities and characteristics that set it apart from other varieties in its season. The clear yellow fruit has a smooth finish and non-prominent lenticels. The flesh is exceptionally firm for an apple in this season, has a sweet, and crunchy texture. Its shelf life in common storage is easily several months and has been held for 12 months. 

Blondee will pack and ship with very little bruising. Blondee® is an excellent choice for u-pick and retail operations because it has a very long ripening period, holding two to three weeks on the tree and ripening in a season when there is not a good yellow apple available. The tree is strong, upright, and easy to manage. It has medium susceptibility to Fireblight, similar to Gala.  

  • Amazing holding and storage capabilities
  • Beautiful, early ripening, yellow apple
  • Sweet/tart flavor with crunch
  • Great U-pick/fresh market variety